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Emily VanCamp Reveals the Reasons Why Revenge Is So Sweet (and So Devious!)

People say revenge is a dish best served cold. But we at TVLine are of the mindset that Revenge is actually an addictive new primetime soap premiering this Wednesday (ABC, 10/9c) starring the immensely likeable Emily VanCamp (Brothers & Sisters) as a quick-witted young woman seeking vengeance — of the no-holds-barred variety! — for the unjust demise of her father.

We spoke with some of the series’ stars, who vow to exact revenge on those who don’t tune in — no, not really. But they did reveal reasons why Revenge is as sweet as the old adage says it is.

Fall TV First Impressions: ABC’s Revenge

Revenge Is Sweet… But Emily Isn’t | Emily VanCamp is the loveliest, but Revenge‘s Emily Thorne (née Amanda Clark) is ruthless in her pursuit of eye-for-an-eye justice. “I’m going to really disappoint my fans with this one,” TV’s perpetual nice girl says with a laugh. “At the end of the day, Revenge is a moral discussion. Emily is quite justified in what she’s doing — these people [she’s after] stole everything from her.” VanCamp adds that while the series “is going to be intense” due to Ms. Thorne’s “relentless” nature, “People can definitely expect to be really satisfied.”

Amy Abbott, Who? | When asked how it’s been channeling her dark side, the beloved Everwood alumna holds back none of her excitement. “I’m having so much fun,” VanCamp gushes. “I actually haven’t had this much fun in a long time. It’s been such a great journey developing a character like this. [Showrunner] Mike Kelley has just created this whole world that is wonderful, and we’re all having a great time existing in it.”

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Weekly Ritual | While Revenge is certainly not a procedural of Law & Order proportions, there is an aspect of the genre to the series. Says Kelley, “In the first handful of episodes, each week we’re taking down a character who wronged Emily’s father — your weekly revenge fix, if you will. Then we’ll slowly make them larger arcs because we don’t want to burn through them too quickly.” VanCamp says that each take-down is “juicy and fun and exciting, really crafty and clever,” adding: “You’ll always wonder how Emily’s going to pull it off, but she has this master plan and she’s sticking to it.” (Just ask Amber Valletta in the premiere. Ouch.)

Undercover Mother | Emily may be undermining people left and right, but those are just the residual affects of her desire to destroy Victoria Grayson aka the Queen of the Hamptons. But Madeleine Stowe tells us that the Emily’s angling won’t go off without a hitch. “She doesn’t like her,” Stowe says bluntly. “She knows that something is very wrong — though not that she’s ultimately coming after Victoria.” So, what’s the plan? “Victoria will do all these devious little things trying to connect the dots about her new neighbor.”

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UnSolved Mystery | The very first scene of the Revenge pilot sets up a murder mystery before jumping back in time a few months — so how long until the case is solved? Provided the TV gods are good to viewers and Revenge is a success, “The death [actually] happens in Episode 13,” says Stowe. “So depending on what happens with the back 9 episode pickup, that’s when it will be solved.”

You’ll Wish It Was You | Gabriel Mann (who plays Emily/Amanda’s only “friend,” Nolan) tells us that Revenge is worth your time simply because these calculated things the Hamptons folk are doing aren’t that farfetched. “The women and men of our show get to carry out the dirty deeds that many people only think about, but would never or should never actually act on — in other words, let us do it, so you don’t have to.” Adds the actor with a laugh, “There should probably be an additional prologue stating, ‘Don’t try this at home, folks.'”