Fall TV Preview

The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Tuesday

Coming to your TV screen this week are no less than 60 season and series premieres, so we’re changing things up a bit by going daily with The TVLine-Up. (For those who must plan ahead, here is our complete Fall TV premieres calendar, plus I handily summarize what’s coming up the following day.)

But for now, here’s what’s happening on….

8/7c NCIS (CBS) | TV’s most-watched scripted series promises to kick off its ninth season with five can’t-miss minutes, and a bang. Or Ziva with bangs. (Not sure, my tape was garbled.)

8 pm Glee (Fox) | Nationals shmationals. This season, New Directions prepares to compete in the Universals, against the Bleeknorks of Mars, Qdag Qkronigg from Neptune and Krypton’s Yes We Kandorians. (And then Brittany set down her dream keeper.)

8 pm The Biggest Loser (NBC) | And people said Charlie Sheen wouldn’t land another show. (Season premiere)

9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) | Season 3 begins, starring Teen Choice Award winner Linda Hunt! Clearasil for everyone! (More preview here.)

9 pm Ringer (The CW) | It would seem that Bridget has a baby to make. Or to fake.

9 pm New Girl (Fox) | One of the season’s best new comedies stars Zooey Deschanel as a goofy little sprite who moves in with three guys — one of whom then promptly moves out, to go shack back up with Eliza Coupe. (Read my First Impression preview here.)

9:30 pm Raising Hope (Fox) | Season 2 begins with Jimmy discovering that he once was a very talented singer — until an accident involving a sporting good. (Get gobs more preview here.)

10 pm Body of Proof (ABC) | I’ve got a big ol’ preview piece going up later, but in a nutshell: With Season 1 out of the way, now it’s time for the storytelling to get more personal. Plus, expect much awkwardness between Megan and Kate now that the latter is “playing doctor” with the doctor’s ex.

10 pm Sons of Anarchy (FX) | Tonight, you’ve got Danny Trejo kicking ass, flesh-eating ants living up to their reputation, and Randolph Mantooth making us forget about John Gage and Clay Alden.

10 pm Parenthood (NBC) | Kristina frets over Max’s transition to a public school. Meanwhile, Julia at work is all, “Did I say skim vanilla latte? I meant baby.”

10 pm Unforgettable (CBS) | Poppy Montgomery aka the most attractive woman on primetime fronts this new procedural as a former cop who has the Marilu Henner-like ability to remember evvvvverything – like, even who won American Idol four months ago. Freaky, right? (My full preview is here.)

11 pm Awkward (MTV) | For example, Poppy Montgomery might claim we “forgot” the period in this series’ name. Nope, just an editorial decision.

Coming up on Wednesday: The X Factor (Fox), The Middle (hour-long)… Criminal Minds, Modern Family (hour-long), Harry’s Law… CSI, Law & Order: SVU, Revenge (ABC)

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