Sing-Off Season Premiere: Who Was Your Fave?

Thanks to Monday’s action-packed TV schedule — check out my colleague Matt Webb Mitovich’s rundown on the night’s ratings here — I had to push off the Season 3 premiere of NBC’s The Sing-Off till my Tuesday afternoon lunch break. (Anyone else have this dilemma?)

Eight of this year’s 16 a capella acts made their debut (the second bracket of contestants will perform next week), and the judges’ two picks for eviction were fairly obvious: the Fannin Family was sweet, but more county- than state-fair level; the Cat’s Pajamas had tight harmonies but dripped more cheese than a Sbarro’s slice underneath a heat lamp.

Much harder was figuring out which of the six surviving acts has the best chance to take home the Season 3 crown. Afro-Blue brought a smooth, jazzy vibe that judge Shawn Stockman likened to butter on grits, while Urban Method managed to upgrade “Love the Way You Lie” to almost operatic levels. Still, if I had to narrow it down to just one act, I’d say the all-lady belters of Delilah have my loyalty. Their rendition of “Grenade” featured ferocious lead-vocal holleration, unexpected dynamics, and just enough sex appeal to make ’em a viable iTunes act. I thought I was done with “Grendade” covers, but Delilah detonated all my expectations.

What about you? Take our poll below and tell us which of the six remaining Bracket A acts is your favorite, then hit the comments to explain your logic. And for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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