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Raising Hope Season 2 Preview: Vegas, Violence, 'Hidden' Treasure, and Sabrina's Secret

Take a clueless but well-meaning family, a grandma who can’t stay lucid and the baby of a serial killer, and you’ve got the hilarious adventures of the Chance family on Fox’s Raising Hope.

In Season 2, premiering this Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c, a growing Hope brings new problems (violence?!) and more cuteness. TVLine spoke with series creator Greg Garcia, who explains why he stuck with his tiny tots and gives us the scoop on the family’s Vegas adventure, Sabrina and Jimmy’s future, Maw Maw’s gold treasure, and much more.

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VEGAS, BABY! | The Chance family will head to Sin City for the wedding of cousin Delilah (returning guest star Amy Sedaris). The cast and crew had been working hard at Rio Casino during uncharacteristically rainy weather when we spoke to Garcia, but surely they had time to hit the tables, too? “I was actually playing blackjack with Shannon [Woodward] when you called, but I was losing, so it’s good that I left,” Garcia shares. Will the Chances have more luck? Or will the trappings of Vegas get the better of them? “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” replies Garcia — at least until the episode airs.

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GROWING UP | While Modern Family recast its baby Lily, Garcia is sticking with Baylie and Rylie Cregut, the adorable twins who play Hope. “I like the fact that we have introduced this family to America, and you’re going to watch this family raise this baby,” he explains. “We’re not going to switch it up on them as long as the babies are happy and their parents are happy and everybody is having fun.” To explain Hope’s growth spurt – she’s now walking! – and introduce new viewers to the show, the season premiere kicks off with a song performed by Kate Micucci’s baby-, senior- and dog-sitter, and features footage of the twins shot over the hiatus. “It was a nice opportunity to recap what the show’s about and tip our hats to Sherwood Schwartz,” says Garcia. While there’s no plans to tackle the typical tot milestones – first step, first word – Garcia reveals that the new season will feature a decidedly different rite of passage: baby’s first possible homicidal tendency. “Hope hits a kid at daycare, and they start to worry that perhaps this is the first sign of the fact that her mother was a serial killer.”

THE TRUTH ABOUT SABRINA | The object of Jimmy’s affection has been keeping some things to herself. “We find out some secrets about Sabrina that she’s been hiding,” teases Garcia. But rather than being dark skeletons from her past, they’re more of the “embarrassing to her” variety. Whatever the case, we can’t imagine it will stop Jimmy from crushing. Garcia admits that he didn’t “didn’t really have a real plan for what was going to go on” with the pair last year, but promises to deliver “some movement in one direction or another.” Alas, Sabrina’s boyfriend is still in the picture. “We’ll be seeing a bit more of him,” notes Garcia.

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BEST OF THE REST | A Thanksgiving installment will introduce Burt’s parents, played by Lee Majors and Shirley Jones, while Christmas might find the Chances celebrating It’s a Wonderful Life-style. Also on the drawing board for Season 2: More flashbacks, a kidnapping, and the return of Ethan Suplee as put-upon neighbor Andrew. But the best nugget from the new season may reside inside (yes, inside) Cloris Leachman. “We have an episode where Maw Maw swallows a gold tooth,” previews Garcia. “The family has to deal with the question of, are they going to try to get it or not? Are they really those people that would go looking for a gold tooth?”