General Hospital Scoop: Jason and Sam Will Wed, But 'Expect the Unexpected' - and Some Skin!

After years (and years) together, General Hospital‘s Jason and Sam will tie the knot this week (with the storyline culminating Friday, Sept. 23). Of course, this is Port Charles, and nothing in this upstate burg goes off without a hitch — or more often than not, a shootout.

TVLine spoke with daytime vets Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton about what fans can expect from the couple’s double set of I Dos (yes, there are two weddings!). And they told us to“Expect the unexpected.” After all, what would a wedding be without the reappearance of James Franco’s big bad, Franco?

TVLINE | What can fans look forward to in a Jason/Sam wedding? In promos, we’ve seen Sam in a wedding gown, but it looks like there’s also a much more casual ceremony.
You can expect the unexpected, and you get the best of both worlds. We have a little bit of a traditional and an nontraditional ceremony going on.
BURTON | Jason wanted to give Sam a traditional wedding — what every girl dreams of, with the fancy dress and the romance of the day — but he’s a non-traditional guy. He was doing all of this to show her that he’s committed to her, and thankfully they end up having a non-traditional wedding in jeans and T-shirts, in a Chinese restaurant.
MONACO | I loved it! It’s pretty true to the characters. Sam was adamant about not wanting a big to-do, but lo and behold, she got a little bit of both. So, we wind up at the restaurant and get married there, and then we get to go to the church and tell our friends and family that we’re already married…
BURTON | And they don’t really like that very much. [Laughs]
MONACO | No, they don’t. [Laughs] Maxie pretty much faints.
BURTON | It’s a lot of drama leading up to that day, a lot of twists and turns —
MONACO | Even on the actual day there’s a lot of mystery involved.

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TVLINE | So, they definitely tie the knot. But once they’re at the ceremony, Franco returns?
MONACO | We open these fortune cookies up at the church ceremony —
BURTON | And that’s when he first makes his appearance back. He’ll be around for a little, while causing some trouble for Jason and Sam — but we’ll be ready for him.
MONACO | Watch out, I might have to shoot him. [Laughs] Hey, Jason’s my man!

TVLINE | Were you both excited to finally get to play this, after all of these years together onscreen?
MONACO | Yes! It’s been a lot of ups and downs for us.
BURTON | I don’t even know how many years it’s been for us, but we were ready — and the show was ready to take it to the next step. It just progresses the characters and their lives.
MONACO | Yeah, they’re growing up! Sam put her big girl shoes on.
BURTON | It was time. We’re excited and we’re having fun on the show — that will definitely translate for the fans.

TVLINE | Should we expect to see Carly cause any drama on JaSam’s wedding day?
MONACO | No, because Jason’s motorcycle only fits one. [Laughs] Can you imagine?
BURTON | Jason had to put boundaries up for Carly, and she respects them as much as she can. She’s not on the honeymoon, which is a good start. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Oooh, so Jason and Sam are lucky enough to make it to a honeymoon…?
MONACO | We do have a honeymoon. I’m 99.9 percent sure we’re gonna get some skin.
BURTON | I don’t know what that means, but here we go! [Laughs]