Exclusive: Fringe's Anna Torv Joins Game of Thrones... Fan Club!

As you’ll see in this clip, when Anna Torv finishes up her meeting of The Unofficial Game of Thrones Fan Club at the Emmys — she watched all of Season 1 in one weekend! —  she attempts to tease the upcoming season of Fringe. And adorably, this is not easy for her.

The show being as trippy as it is, my first question regarding the return of Joshua Jackson’s Peter results in one of the longest, most pregnant pauses possibly in interviewing history.

The Emmy-worthy actress — who was on hand at the ceremony to present the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Movie or Miniseries alongside Bones‘ David Boreanaz — also kept her promise by answering a burning Fringe question I first posed to her back in July at Comic-Con.

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