Preview: Sons of Anarchy 'Gets Really Dark' As SAMCRO Braces for Drug-Running Vote

To run cocaine or not to run cocaine — that is the question looming over SAMCRO on FX’s Sons of Anarchy (Tuesdays at 10/9c). And according to Kim Coates, who plays Clay’s right-hand man, Tig, it’s a decision that does not come easily for the Sons.

“This whole thing is f—ed up and gets really dark,” he tells TVLine of the impending vote on whether to mule drugs for a Mexican drug cartel in trade for access to a premium gun supply channel. And that’s not even the worst of it.

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“The club is disbanding because of Clay’s desire to traffic coke, and it’s SOS time,” Coates continues. “We’re in a troubled spot.” The actor adds that while Tig is the club’s “sergeant at arms and wants it all to stay together… in one chunk,” that unfortunately is not a likely outcome. “This whole thing means taking sides and I’m not sure he likes it, but he has to.”

Longtime fans of SOA may assume that when the vote comes around, Tig will back Clay. But if you’ve been closely watching Season 4 of the FX hit, it’s obvious that ship has at least temporarily sailed.

“He’s not as much with Clay anymore,” Coates notes of the lapsed loyalties. “Clay doesn’t download to Tig as much as he used to — but there’s still love there. Tig’s just more on the outside looking in now.”

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Once the results are in — and we won’t spoil them here for you —  “Not all of us agree [with the decision], so it sends us to the breaking-up point,” says Coates. “This is a very scary year.”

Adds showrunner Kurt Sutter, “That dynamic — that theme of the divide — will definitely be an ongoing theme” for Season 4.

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