Mayim Bialik Teases Big Bang's Next Surprising Pairing, Reveals Amy's Hidden Talent

That The Big Bang Theory will, for the first time, be vying for Best Comedy Series at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards comes as no surprise. But who’d have thunk it, four years ago, that the show about a quartet of geeks would at this stage be giving us three romantic relationships of varying intensities?

Mayim Bialik, who was made a series regular last season, shared with TVLine a status report on Sheldon’s relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler, including her take on whether the two in fact consider themselves to be “dating.” Bialik also teased a Season 5 outing in which Amy spends the bulk of the episode on the arm of another man. (Scooplet of added context: They attend a wedding together.)

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To close out our interview, which was conducted at TVLine’s Emmy weekend kickoff reception at Levi’s Haus, Bialik revealed a hidden talent of Amy’s that will soon come to the surface. (CBS’ Big Bang Theory premieres its new season this Thursday at 8/7c.)