Tonight on TVLine: Live Emmys Commentary, Red Carpet Scoop and Backstage Buzz!

The Primetime Emmy Awards are airing this Sunday night on Fox, starting at 8/7c, and you are by all means welcome to watch the show by your lonesome, “unplugged” as it were. Or… or you can take it all in with the TVLine team at your side, and get what scientists estimate to be about 75 percent more enjoyment out of TV’s biggest night.

Here is what we have planned:

* TVLine founder and Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello is working the red carpet, gathering scoop about your favorite shows and shooting videos of your favorite stars. As if you aren’t already, you’d be well-advised to Follow him on Twitter for live updates as he chats up TV’s finest.

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* Come showtime, Senior Editor Michael Slezak will be live-blogging the Emmycast using a shiny new gizmo where you can jump right in and commentate along with him. (Warning: He’s an impossible act to follow, but sure, go ahead and give it the ol’ college try.)

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* Backstage, we’ve got West Coast Editor Meg Masters and West Coast reporter Vlada Gelman staking out the press room where the winners react to, well, winning. But if tradition tells us anything, you can always count on some newsy scoop and outrageous sound bites to trickle out as well, and we’ll be keeping tabs on the best buzz. (Click on their names above to Follow either on Twitter.)

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* Last but not least, Editor-at-Large Matt Mitovich will be busy watching an Auction Hunters marathon on Spike… and/or posting a running tally of all the night’s Emmy winners, probably chiming in on Slezak’s live blog, and chain-drinking sugar-free Red Bull.

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Will you be watching the Emmys tonight? And if you could cast a final wish for any one actor/actress/show to grab gold, who would you pick?