Emmys 2011: We're Live-Blogging 'Em!

Welcome to TVLine’s 2011 Emmys Live Blog — where we’ll cheer wildly with you when Vanessa Williams finally wins her Supporting Actress in a Comedy statuette for Ugly Betty (whoops! wrong year!) and gently dry your tears if Steve Carell ends the evening without a single Lead Actor in a Comedy trophy for his entire run on The Office (compared to Tony Shalhoub’s three for Monk).

In the midst of keeping one eye on the telecast (hosted by Glee‘s Jane Lynch) and one on my computer (to ensure I don’t commit any spelling offenses against the sensational J-u-li-a-n-n-a M-a-r-g-u-l-i-e-s), I’ll try to pull some of your best comments into our live stream. Just don’t take offense if your witty asides and bon mots don’t make the cut; I’m not a character on Alphas, just a mere mortal with speed-reading limitations. And with those housekeeping notes out of the way, let’s all dive into the CoverItLive module below, and at 8/7c, we’ll let the live-blogging commence!

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