Exclusive Fringe Season 4 Video Sneak Peek: 'Much Has Changed'

For the past week, Fox’s Fringe has been treating fans faithful and new to a series of online videos — titled “Past + Present + Future” — that cleverly recap the series’ narrative in chronological order, starting with the 1985 death of Peter Prime.

Now, TVLine has obtained an exclusive first look at the final two installments of the series — the last of which ends with a snippet of new footage from Season 4.

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The playlist of 10 previous “Past + Present + Future” videos can be found here. Installment No. 11, embedded below and titled “The Future Is Now,” picks up with Peter’s season-ending trip 15 years into the future, where he witnesses the doomsday that his union with the Machine will cause.

Installment No. 12, “A Different Choice,” begins with Walternate killing Future Olivia, then goes on to show Walter’s realization that Peter can prevent doomsday, though at an unforeseen cost. Closing out the video is a small yet surely ripe-for-analysis taste of the much anticipated Season 4, which premieres a week from today, on Friday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c.

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Press PLAY below for the John Noble-narrated recaps, then share your thoughts in comments!