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How I Met Your Mother Preview: Barney and Robin Get Their 'Groove' On

Put on your dancing shoes! CBS’ How I Met Your Mother is showing off its moves once again during the Season 7 premiere, and we’ve got a video sneak peek.

In the first of two back-to-back episodes airing next Monday starting at 8/7c, Barney and Robin hit the dance floor at Punchy’s wedding. What leads the one-time lovers to perform a hot ‘n’ heavy number — have you seen the pictures?! — in front of everyone?

“It’s an argument about how Robin doesn’t realize what great chemistry [she and Barney] have,” reveals Cobie Smulders. “A song comes on at a wedding, and this huge dance number happens. It takes them both by surprise.”

HIMYM: Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders Preview Barney and Robin’s New Love Square

The moment might come as shock, but the fact that it’s — cue Barney voice — awesome is not. “Robin and Barney’s song-and-dance is out of this world,” raves co-star Jason Segel. “I had the pleasure of watching them film it. It’s extraordinary.”

Check out a preview below and then tell us what you think of Barney and Robin’s mad moves.