Ringer In Review: What Did You Think of Gellar's TV Return? Plus: What's Next!

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nestor Carbonell and Kristoffer Polaha, among others, returned to our TVs on Tuesday night in The CW’s Ringer, after a summer of buzz surrounding their “double trouble” thriller. But now the big question: Did Ringer live up to the hype?

We want to know your thoughts on SMG’s new series — the one that is most definitely not Buffy. But before you make up your mind, TVLine has some scoop from the stars on what’s ahead on Ringer — and some of it might surprise you.

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“They’re going to slow things down after the pilot, which had so much going on,” says Mike Colter, who plays Bridget’s NA sponsor, Malcolm. “Things will be developed and answered at a new pace.”

Adds Nestor Carbonell, “Following the pilot, they’ve been able to get into more detail and you get to breathe — especially in the second episode. It’s sort of Hitchcockian, because it’s all about how we’re dealing with the very end of the pilot… and that body.”

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Another important note about what’s ahead: You will learn to love Polaha’s “other man,” Henry.

“He is redeemed in Episode 6,” the Life Unexpected alum promises. “When I signed on for this series, I knew it was going to be a slow burn — especially for Henry. Moving forward you get these glimpses of Henry and you wonder who he is and what he’s about, and then it starts to unfold and you realize just how significant he is in Siobhan’s life.”

“They have very smartly gone down every road for these characters,” Polaha adds enthusiastically. “There are a lot of flashbacks, and it’s juicy and good.”

One more scooplet: Did you happen to notice the birthdate when they showed a close-up of Siobhan’s driver’s license? That was no slap-dash prop. A big day is approaching for someone — or make that two someones. And series EP Eric Charmelo assures us that Siobhan’s birthday will be the focus of a fall episode.

Now, back to you: Was Ringer everything you’d hoped it would be? Will you keep tuning in? Take our poll below, and then hit the comments with the rest of your reactions.