Playboy Club Star Poses for - Yep - Playboy

Did anybody see this one coming? Laura Benanti, the Tony-winning star of NBC’s The Playboy Club (premiering next Monday, Sept. 19), has landed on the cover of the October issue of Playboy Magazine.

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In fact, the entire issue is a big, warm, semi-chaste hug between the new, retro TV series and the “gentlemen’s” periodical, with the issue fittingly retailing for the circa-1961 price of just 60 cents.

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In addition to gracing the cover in Playboy Bunny finery, Benanti — who plays Bunny Mother Carol-Lynne on the NBC drama — also appears on the inside pages, non-nude, in a themed pictorial.

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The retro-flavored issue also offers features on the original Playboy Bunnies and the club itself, which first opened its doors in February 1960. So yes, there are articles to read. It’s not just a saying.

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