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Walking Dead Boss: Season 2 Offers a Full-On 'Exploration of a Zombie's [Spoilewww Alert!]'

As The Walking Dead‘s Oct. 16 return date ssssslllllowly, stealthily approaches, here’s some food for thought: Is there any nutritional value to raw brains? That’s a question producers plan to tackle during the show’s highly-anticipated second season.

In the AMC series’ all-too-brief freshman run, “We never really got into all the nutritional components of a zombie’s diet or what a walker eats on a regular basis,” executive producer Robert Kirkman notes. “We’re going to learn a little bit more from scientific point-of-view about their nutritional composition. It’s an all-encompassing exploration of the digestive system of a zombie.”

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In possibly related news, Kirkman also avows that the super-sized 90-minute premiere will be a wince-inducing, stomach-turning affair. “I think we cross some lines in this first episode,” he tells us with a wink. “Let me be honest, it’s definitely a little more visceral than we’ve gotten in the previous season. I’m excited about coming out of the gate with that punch in the very first episode of this season, so hold on to your seats.”

Adds fellow exec producer David Alpert: “We cross a line, and that line is awesome.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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