Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Poll: What Will You Watch on Sundays?

The Fall TV season is right around the corner, and some tough viewing choices are coming. Let’s see what your gameplan is for Sunday night.

Fall TV Survival Guide: News, Scoops, Premiere Calendar

Each day* this week — during “the calm before the storm” — I’ve been showing you the grid for that night’s line-up, including Big 5 fare and select cable listings. You then vote for what you plan to watch LIVE during each time slot, since live-ish viewership is still the gold standard when it comes to ratings, whether we like it or not. (*Yes, we’re skipping Saturday since I know you’ll all be watching Rules of Engagement; don’t want to break PollDaddy, after all.)

Fall TV Polls: What Will You Watch Live on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday?

One last caveat before we get to the polls: This is not a popularity contest. Organizing a robo-vote for a certain show will not keep the walkers from gnoshing on your brains when that day comes. So have faith in the merit of your individual choices, then watch to see how many others legitimately ally with you.

NOTES ABOUT THE SUNDAY GRID: This represent the face-offs taking place for at least six weeks of the fall TV season; that is why AMC’s Hell on Wheels (premiering Nov. 6) is included, while Breaking Bad (which finales Oct. 9) is not. Details on new shows (indicated by *) can be found at these links: Allen Gregory, Hell on Wheels, Homeland, Once Upon a Time, Pan Am.