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Jensen Ackles Teases Supernatural Season 7: Dean's Single Life, Surprise Reunion With Jo

As if Dean Winchester doesn’t have enough to deal with watching his brother Sam grappling with unwanted memories of his stint in Hell, he’ll also be traveling without a trusted companion and facing a blast from the past on the new season of Supernatural.

What’s more, a new enemy will leave the brothers on their own, without the tools they’ve always used to fight evil.

“We’re going to start taking things away from Sam and Dean that they’ve relied on in their hunter life,” Jensen Ackles tells TV Guide Magazine. “There’s no lore to help them out, and no book to tell them what to do.”

To evade the new Big Bad, the boys will have to abandon their old survival tricks — credit card fraud and gambling — because “those are ways for this evil to track them down.”

Dean could even be forced to sacrifice his most prized possession and honorary family member for the sake of safety. Yep, “at one point, they might even have to stash the Impala because it’s too recognizable,” says Ackles, adding that the Winchesters’ new way of life “poses a bit of a challenge for the boys. They throw everything they can at Sam and Dean, and they have to wriggle their way out.”

Speaking of impossible situations, Jo (Alona Tal) is back for an episode despite having died back in Season 5 after — finally! — sharing a kiss with Dean.

“She’s brought back as kind of a materialized blast from the past when Dean is put on trial by an ancient Egyptian god who calls a few witnesses to the stand,” explains Ackles. And what’s the reunion like between Jo and her last kiss? “It’s a heartwarming scene between the two of them.”

Single Dean will also be getting his groove back as he tries to put Lisa and Ben behind him. “In one episode, I do walk into a bar and hit on a waitress and say how it’s been a long time!” describes Ackles. But there’s not much time for fun and flirting when the world needs saving. Again. “I don’t know that there’s going to be a lot of room for that,” he adds with a laugh.

Supernatural returns Sept. 23 at 9/8c on The CW. Sound off in the comments about Ackles’ advance word.