Suits Preview: 6 Secrets From the Exciting, Cliff-Hanging Season Finale

This Thursday marks the season finale of the freshman hit Suits (USA Network, 10/9c), and the cast of the legal drama tells TVLine to expect the unexpected.

“It’s amazing,” gushes Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna. Here are six more reasons Suits’ season-ending installment will hopefully live up to the high standards set by the legal drama’s maiden run.

Harvey Goes Soft | But only temporarily. “We get to see Harvey put to the test in a new way,” Rafferty reveals. “For the first time, he’s very vulnerable.” As Gabriel Macht himself explains, “We find out that Harvey put away an innocent young man years ago and is now trying to right the wrong and get him out of jail.” The reopening of that old case spans the full finale and impacts the entire team — including Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) secret lover Jenny (Vanessa Ray) and his best pal Trevor (Tom Lipinski).

Donna Faces Off With the Boss | Legal eagle Harvey and his trusty assistant are at odds for a brief and intense moment at the start of the hour, and it results in the episode’s most moving storyline. Added bonus: The face-off provides insight into why these two have remained in the “friend zone” all these years… or have they?

Someone Gets an Ass-Whoopin’ | Without revealing who, what, where, when, why, or how, we can confirm that one of Suits‘ leading men will take a fist to the face before the episode ends. No one is seriously injured, but a mark is left nonetheless.

Chi McBride Lays Down the Law | Harvey finds a new foe in the Human Target alum, who surfaces in Suits as Terrance, a no-nonsense prosecutor going up against Pearson Hardman. “Not to give anything away, but something happens to the present District Attorney,” Macht shares, “and the only way Harvey can right that [aforementioned] wrong is to bring it up with Chi and get him to make a deal to clear this young fellow’s name.” Alas, McBride’s character is not a fan of Harvey’s and proves a worthy adversary for the usually cocksure attorney. “Harvey’s sort of met his match,” says Macht. “He’s got to figure out how to sort of out-think him.”

Lewis Makes a Move for Partner | Memo to Pearson Hardman employees: Demanding a promotion is completely counterproductive. Especially when it comes to Jessica. Though Rick Hoffman’s Lewis is barely featured in Suits‘ Season 1 finale, when he does appear, he is loud and boastful and more eager than ever to make partner. Of course, Gina Torres’ boss lady is a badass and won’t easily bend to the orders barked at her.

Cliffs Are Left Hanging | “There’s a cliffhanger and it’s amazing,” Rafferty teases. Having screened the episode, we can confirm that there is a shocking end that could quite possibly change the face of the series for Season 2.