Exclusive: ER Vet Laura Innes Cops Major Role on NBC's Awake

ER vet and three-time Emmy nominee Laura Innes has landed a major recurring role on Awake, one of NBC’s two buzzy midseason dramas, TVLine has learned exclusively. Innes will also direct one or two episodes of the ambitious series.

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Awake stars Jason Isaacs (Brotherhood) as Michael Britten, a police detective who in the wake of a tragic car accident finds himself toggling between two realities — one in which his wife (Terriers‘ Laura Allen) died in the crash, and another in which their teenage son (Lost‘s Dylan Minnette) instead perished.

Innes will play Captain Tricia Harper, Michael’s “walk softly and carry a big stick”-style superior at the PD. A former detective herself, she is described as smart and compassionate — especially when it comes to having concerns about the mourning Michael’s well-being.

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Whether Harper is Michael’s boss in the “red” reality, where his wife is alive, and/or the “green” one is being kept under wraps for now. (Some of the show’s characters occupy slightly different roles, or are absent altogether, from reality to reality. For example, 24‘s Cherry Jones is Michael’s shrink on one “side,” while SVU‘s B.D. Wong handles that responsibility on the other.)

In addition to her 12-year run as ER‘s Dr. Kerry Weaver, Innes’ TV credits include, most recently, NBC’s The Event, plus Wings and The Louie Show.

Along with Debra Messing’s Smash, Awake is one of two NBC midseason shows earning strong word-of-mouth — and deservedly so — prior to the 2011-12 TV season launch. Until then, watch a preview for Awake here:

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