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Hot Shots: We Spy New Chuck Cast Photos

It’s funny — just last week, as I was cutting an image for a Chuck story, I almost reached out to Zachary Levi to say, “Hey, can y’all please shoot new gallery photos for the final season?” (Because seriously, you can count the number of good pics featuring Zac’s current hair length on one hand.)

Knowing full well that incurring the ka-ching! for a photo shoot is out of even Levi’s hands, I held back on that appeal, but voila! NBC has pleasantly surprised us with a series of cool, sexy photos.

Take a flip through this gallery, then resume counting the days until Chuck‘s fifth and final season arrives on Friday, Oct. 21. Remember, this cycle’s guest stars include The Matrix‘s Carrie-Ann Moss (as a romantic foil for Casey), Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill and talk host Craig Kilborn (as season premiere baddies), Smallville‘s Justin Hartley and Lost‘s Jeff Fahey (playing brothers), plus The Office‘s David Koechner and The Shield‘s Catherine Dent. You can also expect a cameo from a Community star.