Fall TV Preview

Sons of Anarchy: Watch the First Four Minutes

Sons of Anarchy fans who have been counting the days until Season 4 arrives as if they were marking tallies on a prison wall during a 14-month sentence are in for a small treat.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Sons of Anarchy‘s Jax/Tara Reunion

Show boss Kurt Sutter has passed along a video of the new cycle’s first four minutes, the same clip he screened at Comic-Con this summer. In it, you’ll see the SAMCRO boys get sprung from the clink while loved ones back in Charming prepare for the long-awaited homecoming.

If you’re a fan of shirtless Charlie Hunnam, there’s plenty for you to see here. Meanwhile, Maggie Siff’s Tara pores over what will prove to be a veritable ticking time-bomb as the new season gets underway.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Sons of Anarchy, Grey’s Anatomy and More

Press PLAY below, and remember to check TVLine over the next few days, as we serve up some features pegged to the FX hit’s return on Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 10/9c. (Warning: Video contains SAMCRO-worthy language and hand gestures.)

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