Storm Chasers: 'Very Violent' First Look Video

Mother Nature has wielded a heavy fist this year, and Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers have been on hand to witness much of her temperament — as on display in Season 5 of the series, premiering Sunday, Sept. 25, at 9/8c. Here, TVLine has a first look video at the team stumbling upon a “very violent” tornado as it touches ground in Mississippi.

The new season of Storm Chasers includes coverage of this past April’s “tornado outbreak,” during which nearly 200 twisters claimed 300 lives — in a single day. You’ll also be introduced to meteorologist Reed Timmer’s tricked-out new chase vehicle dubbed Dominator 2, and learn of filmmaker Sean Casey’s plans to start capturing twister action in 3D.

If weather porn floats your boat, press PLAY. I’ve also included below some pictures from the new season’s big bads; click to zoom and get yourself some wallpaper.

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