Exclusive First Look: The First House Season 8 Poster! What Does It Mean?!

The marketing gurus over at Fox are forcing us to put on our thinking caps where House‘s Season 8 key art is concerned.

The first teaser poster features the shadow of Hugh Laurie’s titular MD against a marked-up chalkboard, his iconic cane resting off to the side. It’s a provocative image to be sure, but the message it conveys is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and thus open to varying interpretations.

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What do you think it means? Look it over and then scroll down to read some of Team TVLine’s theories.

Michael Slezak | “With the premiere titled “20 Vicodin,” I wonder if that’s how many pills House was able to smuggle into prison, or score during his prison stay. If so, he’d have had to go through long stretches of sobriety to make the supply last, so perhaps each of the rows on the chalkboard represents his longest Vicodin-free periods. Note that the rows do not all contain the same number of lines, which is somewhat peculiar in and of itself. There’s 15 in one row, 17 in another, etc., and 112 total.”

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Matt Webb Mitovich | “Sure, Slezak, get all thinky on us. I think it’s as simple as seven full rows of tick marks equals seven seasons. And now, with the lone scratch, we’re starting Season 8. That’s why the tallies aren’t bunched in the usual groups of five, because they instead represent just ‘a run of episodes.'”

Andy Patrick | “I think it means he’s doing an homage to Bart’s detention blackboard from the opening of The Simpsons.”

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Intriguing hunches. Personally, I’m leaning towards Slezak’s argument, with a slight tweak. I think the 112 lines represent the number of Vicodin tablets House consumed during his prison stint, and the “20 Vicodin” title refers to how many he has left.

Thoughts? Which theory most closely matched yours? Hit the comments!

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