Pretty Little Liars Post Mortem: Boss Reveals Season 2B [Spoiler] and Who Is Not 'A'!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars, avert your eyes now!]

So, wow, that just happened…

The summer season of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars has come to its most shocking conclusion yet, and only TVLine has exclusive details from exec producer Oliver Goldstick on what really went down at the end of Monday’s finale, plus what to expect when Season 2B (as it’s so affectionately known) debuts in January.

TVLINE | Help me out with this one: Did Jenna and Garrett really kill Alison?
Well, that’s what out there. Whether that’s going to be true or not, we’re still going to have some twists and turns. I think fans want answers because it’s going to be four months until they see us again, so we’re giving something to the audience. You can only tease an audience too much before they’ll rebel. [Laughs] There was a need to give up some answers. Some things have been revealed, but some things have not. Some things you think you know will still be refuted and challenged by information you get in Season 2B.

TVLINE | I don’t assume that because we now think they killed her that they are “A,” but it seems like “A” certainly had a hand in setting the girls up in the finale. Am I right?
Either “A” piggybacked on the Jenna/Garrett of it all, or Jenna and Garrett are “A” — that’s part of what we’re putting out there. There’s the possibility that these two — and possibly another — are “A.”

TVLINE | So, we’ll definitely see more of these two characters in Season 2B?
Very much so.

TVLINE | How about Dr. Sullivan? Have we seen the last of Annabeth Gish’s MIA doc?
She’s not gone. She may be silenced though. She’s not coming to the Liars’ aid, which is unfortunate because she knows so much, doesn’t she?

TVLINE | Will we learn more about her character next season? It seems like “A” had something on her.
She definitely wasn’t siding with “A” in the finale as much as she was being silenced. The intention was never that she was siding against the girls, because that was a legitimate call when she reached out to them saying she knew who “A” was.

TVLINE | So, how do the girls get out of the predicament they’re now in? Being accused of homicide is not a small thing.
It’s tough. This is a serious offense they’re suspected of. As you know, a confession was made, a person was buried, a case was closed at the beginning of this season. However, a murder weapon now has been produced and we’ve got the queston of what role the girls played, if any, in Alison’s death. They have community service when we come back, and they’re in some serious trouble. There are no formal charges against them, but they are certainly persons of interest once again.

TVLINE | Will the new episodes pick up seconds after the finale?
When we come back for Season 2B, we’re going to play it like some time has passed — six weeks to a couple months, to be exact. It’s not going to be a moment later, as we’ve done in the past. It’s still a bit shocking when we pick up, though.

TVLINE | What factored into your decision to jump ahead?
We needed some time to pass for different stories. There were a lot of moments in the finale that if we’d come back the second later, we wouldn’t have been able to take the story to different places — which we wanted to do. So there are some moments that have essentially happened off-screen, and you’ll learn what’s happened.

TVLINE | Is there anyone we can officially rule out as being the evil “A”?
I can tell you from this season’s Episodes 7 and 8, there was a lot of speculation that Aria’s little brother Mike was “A.” But in the episode where Mike had an emotional scene with his sister, we did a direct cut right after that to Dr. Sullivan being watched, so it was like, ‘Oh shoot, we killed a theory!’ [Laughs]