Pretty Little Liars Cast Previews Midseason Finale: 'It's Unlike Anything We've Ever Done'

It’s hard to believe, but the shocking conclusion of Pretty Little Liars‘ summer season is already upon us. And after Tuesday’s finale, Rosewood may never be the same.

OK, that may sound overly dramatic, but TVLine recently infiltrated the set of ABC Family’s addictive soap and can confirm that big things are happening in the midseason climax — things like interrogations and “A” being more evil than ever — and we have scoop from the cast to prove it!

A Big Ambush by “A” | There are multiple things to look forward to during Liars‘ summer closer, but the main draw is “A” and his or her vicious attack on the girls. “It’s unlike anything we’ve ever done,” Troian Bellisario teases. “‘A’ now has live bait [in Dr. Sullivan] and is tormenting the girls by saying, ‘If you don’t step up and do what I ask, when I ask, this person is going to suffer.'” Adds Ashely Benson, “‘A’ [gives] us individual tasks and we have to complete them [and] we all just try to figure out how to handle it without destroying our families and friends.” Speaking of…

Wicked Games | When the ladies behind the Liars say things get ugly, they mean it. “Toby and Spencer are stronger than ever, and ‘A’ zones in on that as Spencer’s Achilles’ heel. So, her finale task involves ‘A’ going right for [that relationship] in a brutal, brutal way,” Bellisaro reveals. Lucy Hale says Aria’s assignment “deals with Erza, of course. You’ll think there’s someone in their life who is threatening to expose them.” Might it be Mr. Fitz’s dreaded ex, Jackie? “She will be a big part in both the midseason finale and the second half of the season,” Ian Harding offers. “She’s aware of Aria and Ezra and put off by it, so we’re going to see the ramifications of that.” Spoiler Alert: Blackmail may be involved.

Sweet Emotion | Keep those tissues handy come Tuesday night because we’re hearing there’s a flashback scene between Alison and Emily that will destroy you. “It is very emotional,” Shay Mitchell reveals. “Emily was always more fond of Alison than the other girls, and it’s very special. It’s a touching scene, and you get to see why the death of Alison hit her harder than the other girls.”

Secret Lovers | Don’t hold your breath to see Aria and Ezra out-and-about as a couple just yet. Says Harding, “We’re out as much as we can be by the midseason finale. A few people know, but maybe not the most important people.” Methinks this means Aria’s folks are still in the dark… Harding also weighed in on Jason DiLaurentis and his meddling ways, teasing, “Ezra doesn’t come to blows with Jason over Aria, but there is some definite butting of heads in the next few episodes.”

Wedding Woes | “I hope that Kate just leaves,” Benson says with a laugh when asked about her evil new step sis. “She makes Hanna’s life so miserable.” Or maybe not. Caleb returns to Rosewood just in time to accompany his gal to her dad’s wedding, and it sounds like he comes to her rescue. “There’s one scene that happens at the wedding between Kate and Caleb that’s a small one, but it’s funny,” Tyler Blackburn teases. “Caleb has Hanna’s back. She obviously fills him in on everything [about] Kate and he takes matters into his own hands.”

N.A.T. Gets Nasty | When asked if we’ll continue to learn more about Jason and the dearly departed Ian’s super-secret society, N.A.T., Bellisario reveals, “You’re going to find out that the club is still very much in session.”

Hang on to Those Cliffs! | “The midseason finale is a huge cliffhanger,” says Benson. “When we come back in January, you’ll see where it takes us.” Adds Harding, “It will make January seem so far away.” Given the vagueness of those teases, we’ll let Hale leave you with this: “By the end of the finale, the girls are questioned by the police. We’ll pick up the second after that next year.”