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Parks and Rec Boss Teases Leslie's Big Ben Problem: Will She Have 'Buyer's Remorse'?

Run for office, or cast her vote for true love? Such is the dilemma presented to Parks and Recreation‘s Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) in the Season 3 finale — and it’s a choice she will grapple with as the new season unspools.

Recapping Leslie’s “odd” sitch — torn between seeking a vacant city council seat or continuing her nascent romance with Ben (Adam Scott) — Parks and Rec boss Michael Schur tells TVline, “She really likes the guy that she’s dating, and the guy that she’s dating is sort of her boss, which means that if she dates him while shes running for office it’s kind of a scandal.”

Schur says that after Leslie commits one way or the other in the Sept. 22 opener, “the basis of the first half of the season, through December, will be her living with the ramifications of that decision — probably occasionally second-guessing herself and trying to deal with the inevitable sort of ‘buyer’s remorse.'”

Schur won’t confirm at this early date which way Leslie leans, but does make clear his mission with this particular Sophie’s choice storyline.

“We didn’t want to do a thing a story about how women can’t have it all, because that seems archaic to us, so we tried to make sure that the dilemma was specific and not just, ‘I can’t have a career and a boyfriend!’ — the Cathy [comic strip] curse from the ’80s,” he says. “Leslie Knope is kind of a superhero, and under normal circumstances she could probably have a great relationship with a guy and run a campaign and also make time for her many community center classes, Girl Scout troop-leading sessions and stuff. But in this case it just happens to be that the specific guy is causing a problem.”

What choice do you think Leslie’s will make in the season premiere — public office, or Ben?