Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Promo: Castle Takes the Blame for Beckett's Shooting

Somebody needs to give Nathan Fillion’s Rick Castle a big ol’ hug, because the usually happy-go-lucky mystery novelist is carrying the weight of the world — or at least the blame for Kate’s shooting — on his shoulders as ABC’s Castle kicks off Season 4.

Nathan Fillion on the ‘Repercussions’ of Castle‘s Love Confession, and the Premiere’s Big Fight

One of the first promos for the new season arriving Monday, Sept. 19, briefly flashes back to the shocking season finale, before serving up snippets from the premiere — including the fight we told you about some time ago, ‘tween Rick and Kate’s beau Josh (played by Victor Webster), a very angry Alexis, and the haunting sound of someone flat-lining, as Rick concedes, “This was my fault.”

New Castle Captain Lays Down the Law: There Will Be No Sexual Tension In My Precinct!

Press PLAY, then count the 21 days until Castle‘s return.

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