Awkward Exclusive Video: Jenna Walks Away From Dreamboat Matty!

You can only expect a girl to hang around so long when you keep ignoring her in public.

On Tuesday’s Awkward (MTV, 11/10c), Jenna finally gets fed up with Matty’s behavior and, as you can see in the exclusive preview clip below, makes a bold move that might “kill her kind of relationship” with the cute jock.

But no matter how much Matty strings along sweet, sarcastic Jenna with secret makeouts and his refusal to commit publicly or privately, Beau Mirchoff thinks his character’s got a good heart.

“Matty’s actually a very nice person,” he says. “He’s maybe a little naive, but he’s not a bad guy. I don’t think he would ever do anything to intentionally hurt Jenna.” Hopefully, Jenna’s got a forgiving heart.

Check out the sneak peek below, and tell us if you’re Team Matty or Team Jake in the comments. And stay tuned for more from our chat with Mirchoff featuring scoop on what’s ahead for the couple and his soon-to-be introduced onscreen bro!

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