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Private Practice Scoop: Addison's Got a Dirty Little Secret!

Addison Montgomery’s life won’t get any easier when ABC’s Private Practice bows its new season Thursday, Sept. 29. The knockout doc will juggle no less than her avid want to have a baby, her tenuous relationship with Sam, the shaky fate of Oceanside Wellness and the return of a handsome stranger. Amidst all of that, she’ll labor to keep a lid on a dirty little secret.

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Let’s start things off with the aforementioned stranger, played by new series regular Benjamin Bratt. As IVF specialist Dr. Jake Riley, “He kind of shows up in a totally different context,” Kate Walsh tells TVLine. “It’s really a great reveal how’s he brought back into the show. Let’s just say their paths cross again in a significant way and professional way.”

Given that Addison and Jake, in the season finale, locked lips as well as came thisclose to slipping away to Fiji together, is their reunion rife with sexual tension? “Absolutely,” says Walsh. “I think it’s one of those things where you give a little smooch and then you’re like, ‘Oh, my gosh, wait.'”

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But wait they must and will, given Addison’s rekindled romance with Sam and the manner in which Jake is reintroduced. “The electricity that exists between these two characters, that draws them together oftentimes in the face of circumstances that won’t allow them to be together, results in friction and sometimes antagonism,” Bratt explains. “So that energy is still there, but it’s manifest in a different way. The relationship is almost antagonistic.”

Perhaps because though circumstances inject Jake back into her world, Addison will elect to keep their brief little somethin’-somethin’ a secret, especially from her steady.

“Sam has no idea about that brief but impactful history,” Bratt previews, “and Jake, I think out of respect to Sam, doesn’t let on.”

Uh-oh, is this another of those ill-advised decisions that will blow up in forever-lovelorn Addison’s face? Says Taye Diggs, “We’ll see if Sam ever finds out, and when he finds out what his reaction is going to be. We’re all just lucky that there was no consummation going on there!”

Plus, Diggs notes, Addison “came back, so that, I think, counts for a lot.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)