First Look: Charisma Carpenter on Burn Notice

Is too much Charisma a bad thing?

I was set to share with you last week a photo of Whedonverse alumna Charisma Carpenter guest-starring on Burn Notice, but then a certain Supernatural event occurred. So, in the interest of “breathing room,” TVLine presents it to you now.

In the Sept. 1 episode of the USA Network spy drama (airing Thursdays at 9/8c), Carpenter plays Nicki, the wife of a brilliant physicist (The Bourne Supremacy‘s Tom Gallop) who is now doing the Russians’ bidding. With that alliance comes strict rules to live by, and his hottie honey doesn’t cotton to that much.

“Basically, I hate my husband now because our lives are run by the Russians — he doesn’t want to spend any money or do anything — and that makes for an unhappy trophy wife, which is a bad combination,” Carpenter tells TVLine.

Enter Michael and Fiona, who seek to leverage Nicki’s marital woes in the name of their latest assignment. That requires eavesdropping on the couple’s quarrels, one of which went down right before this photo was taken — and just as a lavish ball is getting underway.

As Carpenter puts it, “She’s all dressed up and has no one to enjoy it with!”

TVLine has a full Q&A with Carpenter posting closer to her Burn Notice appearance, but for now we will pass along her promise that the episode boasts not only a “sexy tango” but also “a lot of Fi and Michael time,” which she knows is important to the show’s viewers — akin to how Angel fans enjoyed it, she recalls, when the titular vamp would spend quality time with Cordelia.

“It was a lot of fun,” Carpenter says of her Burn Notice visit. “It really was.”

USA Sets November Return Date for Burn Notice Season 5

USA’s Burn Notice airs its midseason finale the week after Carpenter’s appearance, on Sept. 8.