True Blood Recap: Three's Company?

You know the drill: If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of True Blood yet, don’t read this story until you have. That is, unless you’re a spoiler whore and wanna read all about it now. In which case, here we go…

A lot happened — and we’ll get to it — but what you’re likeliest to discuss over the watercooler Monday morning is the dream threesome Sookie initiated between herself, Eric and Bill. Personally, I thought, as pretty as everyone looked in that nice, gauzy lighting, it felt like filler. She’s in love with them both. We get it. Moving on…

Oh, and in case you hadn’t guessed, no, Sookie did not die from the gunshot wound she sustained last week. In fact, as soon as she recovered, her general “Where’s Eric?”-ness so turned off Alcide that he went and committed himself to pack politics for Debbie’s sake. This immediately got him in trouble, as Marcus’ first order of business was beating the crap out of Sam… who turned out to be Tommy incognito. (I’m hoping his taking Sam’s place at the smackdown was his way of redeeming himself, but you never know with Tommy.)

Meanwhile, Nan played what would have ordinarily been the Pam scene with Jessica (where was Pam, anyway?!); Jason rebuffed Jessica again, then, ever classy, boffed her in the back of his pick-up about two seconds later; Debbie started doing V like it was Jell-O shots at last call; Antonia ordered Eric to kill Bill; and Lafayette and Jesus finally concluded their episode of Ghost Whisperer by digging up Mavis and her baby.

So about that almost three-way? Did you feel like you’d seen hotter on Skinemax? Or did it get you all hot and bothered? Let the debate rage on below…

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