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Private Practice Drama: Will a 'Bomb' Drop on Happy-at-Last Charlotte and Cooper?

When TVLine visited the set of ABC’s Private Practice the other day, we tried to drum up some details on this “someone from an Oceanside doctor’s past” that A.J. Langer (My So-Called Life) will be playing, starting with the fourth episode of the coming season. And… everyone was conspicuously mum.

Series front woman Kate Walsh, only when pressed, teased that Langer’s storyline is “a goody,” adding: “It’s a good little bomb that gets dropped.” A bomb? What?

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Prior to arriving at the set, we’d heard strong buzz that Langer’s character will interact with Cooper and Charlotte, who after enduring an extremely emotional and difficult Season 4, are now blissfully wed.

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“I cannot confirm or deny those rumors,” Paul Adelstein said when we ran that buzz by him. He then allowed, “Something’s coming down the pike, and it’s a big bump in their relationship.

“I think they’re prepared for it,” he added, “but it’s going to be interesting to see how it checks out.”

Could this “bump” — in the form of the pretty Ms. Langer or otherwise — threaten Cooper’s nascent marriage? “I don’t know if it’ll threaten it, but it will be certainly something that would be hard for any couple to adjust to,” he answered.

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KaDee Strickland’s response to our Langer line of questioning was similar: “I’m not telling you nothin’,” she playfully said. “I can tell you that A.J. is playing a really key role on this show, and a really interesting role on this show, and I’m excited about her role on the show.”

Charlotte’s portrayer continued, “I just get to work with her, which I’m really excited about because they just keep giving us great people on this show to work with. I met her [on Wednesday] at the table read, so it’s going to be fun.”

Lest the many Charlotte/Cooper fans out there fret too much over the actors’ evasive comments on how Langer will shake up the Practice, Adelstein offered some words of reassurance about the newlyweds’ upcoming storyline — bumpy road and all.

“People really root for Charlotte and Cooper, and I think Charlotte and Cooper are doing a really good job of making the relationship work,” he said. “So I think people will be happy with what they’re doing [in Season 5].”

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ABC’s Private Practice returns Thursday, Sept, 29, at 10/9c. (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)