Exclusive: Cougar Town Is Recasting [Spoiler]!

When Cougar Town kicks off its third season, an integral member of the Cul-de-sac Crew will — gasp! — be portrayed by another actor. So, which face will look a whole lot different come premiere time?

Why, it’s Baby Stan, of course! TVLine has learned exclusively that the Powers That Be over on C-Town are looking for a new, older set of twins — somewhere in the range of three to four years old — to assume the role of Andy and Ellie’s rarely-seen offspring.

“We decided to age Stan and make him somewhat of a real character because, well, the people on the show never go to work and Ellie and Andy never seem to acknowledge him,” executive producer Kevin Biegel tells TVLine with a laugh. “We figured it was probably time to give them a little real-life responsibility. Mind you, he’s only going to be around three years old now, so he’s not suddenly 12 or something.”

And don’t worry, winos: The addition of a slightly older tot won’t change the Cougar Town you’ve grown to love. Biegel reassures viewers, “People will still drink on the show…a lot. There just may be a little three-year-old p—k-of-a-kid running around them every once in awhile. We promise, it won’t be cutesy or lame — we’re not going to ‘Cousin Oliver’ it.

“Also, we hear kids are super easy to work with,” he deadpans.

Cougar Town isn’t the only ABC sitcom aging one of its babes this season: As TVLine revealed, Modern Family has recast the scene-stealing toddler playing Cam and Mitchell’s adoptive daughter Lily in favor of — you guessed it — a four-year-old kiddie.