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CSI: NY Premiere Photos, Part 2: 'You See the Love that Mac Had' In His Life

On the heels of TVLine giving you a lump-in-your-throat first look at one of the Sept. 11, 2001 flashbacks featured in the Season 8 premiere of CSI: NY, CBS has released a slew of other images from the emotional hour — including a few showing us how happy and in love Mac was with his wife, Claire (guest star Jaime Ray Newman, Eureka).

“What’s kind of beautiful about seeing a flashback with him and Claire is not so much to see the woman that he was with and feel that heartbreak of knowing she passed away on that day,” executive producer Zack Reiter tells TVLine, “but more to see the smile on Mac’s face, and the love that he had in those moments.”

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Check out a photo gallery of flashback and current-day scenes here:

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