The Lying Game: 4 Truths About ABC Family's Twin-triguing New Drama

If Pretty Little Liars and The Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version) ever had a lovechild, ABC Family’s The Lying Game would definitely be it.

Making its much-anticipated debut this Monday at 9/8c, Lying Game stars Alexandra Chando (As the World Turns) as Emma, a teen who discovers her long-lost twin Sutton — and then suddenly finds herself living said sister’s life. Crazy stuff, sure, but is this dark drama your cup of tea? Here, TVLine lays out four fun facts you should know before tuning in, including — but certainly not limited to — the appearance of a beloved Hero and that darn Ringer comparison

This Is Not Ringer | Two shows. Two sets of estranged twins. Two disappearances. By those standards, you’d think The Lying Game and The CW’s new fall thriller Ringer were one and the same. But truly, these shows aren’t as similar as they sound. “Essentially our show is very different,” Lying Game showrunner Charles Pratt Jr. explains. “While we have the mystery elements, we appeal to the romantic side of things; the teenager, the concept of friends, the concept of your search for your biological parents.” All of which, Pratt says, make this show “specific to ABC Family and that audience.”

There’s a Major Suds Connection | Besides the fact that Chando was once featured on the now-defunct As the World Turns, Lying Game has major soap ties — especially of the ABC Daytime variety. Tyler Christopher (who was recently dismissed from his longtime duties as General Hospital‘s wayward prince Nikolas Cassadine) will recur in at least five episodes as a cop suspicious of Sutton/Emma (and the brother of Blair Redford’s troubled Ethan). Additionally, helmer Pratt is a former head headwriter on soaps such as All My Children and GH.

A Hero Is on the Way | If you love Heroes/Castle alum Adrian Pasdar (and I know you do), you’ve got to give Lying Game a look beyond its first outing because his mysterious character doesn’t appear until Episode 2. “He’s the father of two of the kids in the show, [and] the district attorney in Scottsdale,” Pasdar previews. “There’s a good deal of deception and non-truth present in his daily existence and in interactions with his goddaughter Sutton, his daughter Mads (played by Alice Greczyn), and his son Thayer (Christian Alexander). And I can’t tell you any more than that because Chuck Pratt will kill me.”

Be Sure to Stay Tuned | Pratt promises that not unlike its ABC Family sister show PLL, Lying Game “will probably have a cliffhanger in every episode.” So, really, you’ll just have to tune in each and every Monday, right? “There’s only one requirement to be [a character] on this show,” he adds. “You have to be part of the central mystery, which we have percolating just below the surface throughout each of the episodes.”