True Blood's Hoyt-Jessica-Jason Triangle Heats Up! Which Team Are You On?

If you haven’t seen this week’s True Blood yet — flippin’ awesome, by the way — get to your DVR, watch it, then come on back, because if this story was any more spoiler-stuffed, it would burst like a vampire that’s been staked.

Now then… though the hour concluded with an amazing witches vs. vampires showdown (Sookie got shot; Bill, taken hostage; Eric, mesmerized into some sort of extremely hot lapdog), even bigger fireworks were set off in the Hoyt/Jessica/Jason love triangle. First, Bill’s progeny rewarded Jason for saving her from being deep-fried by the sun by planting a big ol’ kiss on him. Later, she murdered Hoyt when, during an attempted break-up, he insisted he didn’t want to live without her.

That, of course, was just a nightmare. (Albeit one that turned into a kinky dream when Jason got all turned on by the prospect of getting jiggy with a blood-spattered Jess.)

 When the redhead really tried to call it quits with Hoyt, he flew into a rage that ended with him more casting her out than letting her go.

Afterwards, she ran right to Jason, but, out of loyalty to Hoyt, he showed her to the door. (Well, technically, she kinda flew out the door when he rescinded his invitation inside.)

Obviously, though, that will hardly be the end of the story. So the question is, which couple would you prefer to see coupled — Jessica and Hoyt or Jason and Jessica? Vote in our poll and then present your opening arguments in the comments section!

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