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Grey's Anatomy Scoop: More Angst for Callie/
Arizona? Nope! Sexual Hang-Ups? Maybe!

After enduring a bit of bedlam last season, Grey’s Anatomy newlyweds Callie and Arizona (played by Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw) may only face problems in the bedroom this go-round.

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Between an emotional and geographical separation, assorted stresses caused by babydaddy Mark’s presence in their lives, disapproving parents, and a car crash that nearly killed a pregnant Callie, “They went through so much last season,” Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes acknowledges. “There was a lot of darkness. I sort of want them to get to be in the light this year.”

To that end, Rhimes says that in Season 8 (premiering Sept. 22), “We’re going to enjoy them as mothers” — though that will include “see[ing] what motherhood does to their sex life, their relationship, and their work life.”

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Even so, no amount of such growing (a family) pains will come anywhere close to rivaling the crucible the ‘Calzona’ romance survived in Season 7.

“We’re going to let them be a three-dimensional happy couple, and we will watch them have struggles that are their own,” says Rhimes, “but we’re not going to play intense angst with them.”

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