Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on House, Glee, Bones, Sons of Anarchy, The Middle and More!

Has House been misbehaving behind bars? What is the romantic priority for Glee‘s Brittany this year? Now that Bones has a bun in the oven, who will be Booth’s new partner? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from some of TV’s hottest shows.

Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Opens Up About Her House Exit, Good Wife Gig

House | Viewers will learn that you can’t keep a good doc down, even when he’s behind bars, when the Fox drama kicks off its eighth season on Oct. 3. “House is definitely his nosy self, getting into business that he probably shouldn’t be getting into,” teases new cast member Odette Annable, who will be playing prison infirmary staffer Dr. Jessica Adams. With House cracking cases while incarcerated, he and Adams “have a connection, and end up helping each other,” adds the actress. In fact, by the end of the season opener, “She discovers that she’s more like House than she realizes!”

Glee Exclusive: American Dreams Girl Enrolls at McKinley High

Glee | Brittany S. Pierce, what did you do over summer vacation? Heather Morris stops to think a moment before serving up a very Britty answer: “She went into the Matrix.” And that seems about right. Having only spied the premiere script, Morris doesn’t have much intel to share about Season 3, other than “Brittany wants Artie back” — which she sees as a good thing, since “everybody really wants them together.” Well, everybody “except Santana,” she points out. “But Brittany is real, so she’ll do what she wants to do.” Does that mean “Brittana” is finito for, like, forever? “Probably,” Morris reckons. “The writers may play with it a little bit more – but maybe not.” Regardless, the bi-curious/lesbian storyline did some good while it lasted. “Before the tour, I met some girls who told me how appreciative they were, because they were going through that themselves,” Morris shares. “It was nice to hear that we did something for them.”

Fox Boss Shares His Expectations for Fringe, Thoughts on Future of Bones and House

Bones | With Brennan quite pregnant at the time the new season arrives, watch for Booth to acquire a somewhat unlikely partner in crime solving. “Since Sweets is the only other FBI member of the team, that’s kind of what they’re setting up,” says John Francis Daley. “And Sweets is delighted about that, because he gets to play tough guy.” More practically (since Booth is frankly tough enough for the two of ’em), Daley says that where Brennan focuses more on the anthropological side of interrogations, “Sweets deals with the psychological. He’s good at telling when people are lying.” Turning to truths, here’s a big one: “David [Boreanaz] is so great to work with, and we have so much fun working together,” effuses Daley. “We’ve had the great pleasure of being able to do it a lot this season so far.” I smell a spin-off: “Sweets & Sour”!

FX Sets Fall Premiere Dates for Super-Sized Sons of Anarchy, Horror Story and More

Sons of Anarchy | I’ve been a touch remiss in my SOA scoopage as far as having not yet touched on the Jax-Tara dynamic. So I made a point to ask series boss Kurt Sutter where things stand for the couple at the start of Season 4. Having done “a lot of soul-searching in prison, Jax comes out with a better sense of family than he’s ever had,” Sutter shared. “So I would say they start out this season stronger than ever.” (A bonus for those who play with the Sons mobile app: The second “bonus” scene being offered is about the birth of Jax’s son, Thomas, “and we see in that scene that the bond between [him and Tara] has really deepened.” (To that end, Maggie Siff teased for me, “There’s a nice welcome home scene,” heh.) So for   how many episodes can Jax-Tara fans expect this bliss to last? Sutter mulls that for an instant before offering with a sly grin: “One?”

Fall TV: ABC Sets Premiere Dates, Including Supersized Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family

The Middle | As TVLine first reported, the third-year comedy’s season opener will run one hour and feature a Griswoldian “family vacation.” Now, here’s Neil Flynn to elaborate: “From what I understand, the Hecks go camping – and I’m going to assume that it does not go smoothly.” Akin to how, say, Jim Backus ruined The Brady Bunch‘s similar getaway, locking them up in a ghost town and such? “Ray Romano shows up, and I guess he’s running, like, a haunted amusement park, and we foil his evil plan,” says Flynn. “No, I’m thinking of a Scooby-Doo episode! Never mind.” Instead, TV’s erstwhile Raymond will appear in flashbacks, as the jaunt prompts Mike and Frankie to recall their not-so-idyllic honeymoon. There, “I think that Ray and I bond, and Patty [Heaton] is the third wheel,” Flynn shares.

Seen & Heard | Danson shmanson. CSI boss Carol Mendelsohn told me that onetime guest star Carrot Top will make a return appearance in the season premiere… Nancy Travis, having since landed the female lead on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, says that ABC was kind enough to let her go back to The CW’s Hart of Dixie to shoot an episode that wraps up her role as a rather important person Rachel Bilson’s transplanted NYC doc meets upon arriving in Alabama…. Remember how Timothy Hutton told me that TNT’s Leverage will shed light on the team members’ murky pasts? I have since been advised to keep an eye out for a scene between Parker and Sophie in “The Grave Danger Job,” the first of two episodes airing this Sunday.

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