Exclusive: Happy Endings Casts Married Alum

Remember when we told you in Ask Ausiello that Happy Endings was about to introduce the new character of Dave’s old buddy, Glaze? Well, now we know who’s going to play him: Married to the Kellys alum Derek Waters.

The up-’n’-comer, who’s also had parts in movies like He’s Just Not That Into You and Hall Pass, “knows [series regulars] Casey Wilson and Adam Pally,” says exec producer Jonathan Groff. “And he has a strong improv/sketch background. We’re always looking for those folks ’cause they give us so much extra.”

Which is going to be crucial, considering the mission the show’s powers that be have undertaken. “We’re trying to build out the world of our characters, with parents [and] other idiot friends from college,” Groff explains. So, as you’d expect, the hope is that the role of Glaze will recur. Guess this means that he and Dave will get past that age-old incident in which Alex accused her then-fiance’s pal of selling one of her bras on Craigslist.

Your thoughts?