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Kevin Williamson on How 'Maybe' a Vampire Diaries-Secret Circle Crossover Could Happen

The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle are both born of book series by L.J. Smith. They both are now shows on The CW. (Heck, they will air back-to-back on Thursday nights.) They both have characters who are witches. And they both boast Kevin Williamson as an executive producer. So why wouldn’t some Mystic Falls denizens at some point give the supernatural “new kids” in Chance Harbor a ratings boost and cross over at some point to Secret Circle?

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For Williamson, the reasons are twofold — though he’s not entirely ruling out the possibility.

Explaining why a crossover doesn’t interest him, he first cites the two different shooting locations — Atlanta versus Vancouver (posing as Washington State). “I didn’t want [Secret Circle] to look like The Vampire Diaries,” he said at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “You want this show to look like its own show. You want it to be its own world.”

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But even more problematic, Williamson says the witchy lore established in each series simply don’t mesh, since Vampire Diaries‘ involves supernatural beings that don’t exist in Secret Circle.

“Listen, if there’s a way that we could set up two sets of witches and let them merge, then maybe there’s a crossover episode in store,” he allowed. “But if you go back to Episode 17 of the second season [of Vampire Diaries], where Elijah explained how the witches placed a curse on the original family… there are no vampires or werewolves in The Secret Circle. There are other things, but not werewolves and vampires. So the minute you bring a vampire or werewolf into the witch world… then I feel like I’m watching The Vampire Diaries.”

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So, for the time being, Williamson is set on launching Secret Circle successfully, and giving it its own, distinctive voice.

“We need to start at ground zero, create our own story and create our own mythology, and build from there so that we can tell just as great a story as The Vampire Diaries,” he says. “That is my hope.”