Suits Preview: Mike and Rachel Grow Closer, Harvey and Mad Men Alum Hit the Sheets

This Thursday’s installment of Suits (10/9c on USA Network) delves into the thrilling world of… mock trials?! OK, it doesn’t sound too exciting, but the cast of the cabler’s hit legal dramedy tells TVLine that this is the episode that “hooks the viewer from here on in.”

“The mock trial episode is really amazing, specifically because it speaks to the power of the show,” Patrick J. Adams (Mike) says. “The stakes of this case aren’t even real and yet you’re going to care about the outcome as much as you would in any other episode.”

This Suits outing — titled “Play the Man” — finds Mike facing off against the protege of big bad Louis’ (played by Rick Hoffman), while the rest of the firm acts as various participants in the faux hearing. But that’s only the surface-level scenario.

“A lot of interesting stuff is going on, especially in our relationship,” Adams teases, referring to the budding romance between his and Meghan Markle‘s characters. “What happens in the episode is less about the potential for love [between Mike and Rachel], and more about our friendship.” Adds Markle, “It examines the trust they’re building.”

Surprisingly, Mike’s mentor Harvey is barely involved in the mock-fun. “I give him a couple tips of how to pull himself together, but I have a completely different storyline,” Gabriel Macht reveals. “I’m dealing with a merger of two hotels, and it just so happens that the woman who represents the opposition was No. 1 at Harvard while I was No. 5… Needless to say, we have a contentious relationship.”

Said gal is none other than Mad Men alumna Abigail Spencer (as TVLine first reported), and according to Macht, things between the two elevate rather quickly. “We’re not crazy about each other, but the way we figure out how to move forward is by sleeping with each other,” he tells us with a laugh. “Isn’t that always the case?”

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