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Showtime Boss: 'Jesus Will Not Be on Dexter'

Don’t let those “Dexter will battle faith in Season 6” reports fool you: Showtime boss David Nevins assures fans and (religious) critics alike that the Dark Passenger will not, in fact, physically throw down with a God-like entity. We’ll give you a second to compose yourselves after that jaw-dropping scooplet…

“Jesus will not be on Dexter this year,” Nevins deadpanned at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Thursday. This declaration came on the heels of a journo implying that Dexter Morgan’s religious exploration in the upcoming season — and as evidenced in the latest trailer , which features the song “Personal Jesus” — is in some way blasphemous or controversial.

Rather, it’s quite the contrary. According to Nevins, the faith storyline is really designed to present Dex with the following dilemma: “What does it mean to raise a child given the Dark Passenger I’m carrying around with me?”

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Previewing the season to come, Nevins promised “a larger, criminal story with [guest stars] Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos that has its own spiritual significance. The killings Dexter is following [unravel] in a Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code) sort of way, where there are clues to be followed.” It should be noted that mystery has shrouded the roles both Hanks and Olmos are playing, since their castings were announced earlier this summer. But based on Nevins’ statements, it seems safe to assume they’re both involved in the killing game to some extent.

To conclude, Nevins offered a tease seemingly unrelated to — though equally intriguing — Dexter‘s Season 6 spiritual dealings: “There are things that happen this year that will set up new life for the show.”

Thoughts on Dexter and Harrison’s religious journey? What are your theories on what big things Nevins might be referring to?