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Ted Danson: My CSI Boss Is 'Trying to Hold a Crazy Group of People Together' - Watch Video

Get ready for a lighter, cozier, more stable CSI under new supervisor Ted Danson.

“He’s kind of like Phil Jackson coming in to handle a group of people who are on a slippery slope,” the actor of his new alter ego, D.B. Russell, at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “He’s brought in to make the team work as good as possible. He’s trying to hold a crazy group of people [together].”

And he’ll accomplish this with a healthy dose of humor, a character trait that was a major selling point for the Cheers vet. “Looking for funny takes a certain kind of intelligence, and it’s the same brain that looks for clues and finds things,” he related. “So I really feel at home, even though I’m not [telling jokes]. It’s a perfect situation.”

Watch a preview here, then read on:

Just days into his new gig, Danson acknowledged that his head is still spinning. “In [the span] of two weeks I [went from] staring at the ocean in Martha’s Vineyard to my first autopsy,” he marveled. “It’s all happening incredibly fast… My jaw’s still hanging down from the newness of all of this.”

Exec producer Carol Mendelsohn acknowledged that this season will be “a little lighter” and feature “more humor” than past seasons under Laurence Fishburne’s brooding CSI. In Danson’s character, “We wanted a scientist, we wanted Sherlock Holmes — we did not want a science nerd.”

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