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Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally 'Over the Moon' About Tammy 1 Casting

If you were among the many that cheered Parks and Recreation‘s casting of Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1, know that both Nick Offerman (who plays Ron Swanson) and wife Megan Mullally (aka Tammy 2) were just as, if not more, thrilled. In fact, once the official word was handed down by the NBC comedy, the marrieds met up with Clarkson to celebrate their upcoming on-screen “three-way,” over drinks.

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“I’m lucky enough to be pals with [Patricia], and I was involved in trying to woo her to the show,” Offerman tells TVLine. “So Megan and I were just over the moon.”

Offerman goes on to say that Clarkson is “exactly what we wanted” in bringing Ron’s heretofore alluded-to but never-seen first wife to life. For one, he notes, “She’s exactly the same size as Megan.” Plus, “She has such a commanding sexuality combined with a sort of wild side” — not much unlike her successor, we’d say!

Surveying Ron’s choice in brides, Offerman says, “They’re like an evil Snow White and Rose Red duo.”

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Clarkson was in Los Angeles at the time Parks and Rec made its choice, “So the three of us had a drink to celebrate the news,” Offerman shares. “She was wearing a white dress and Megan was wearing dark colors, and I’m looking at the two of them just thinking, ‘What the hell did I do to get so lucky? I’m a lucky bastard.'”

Nick is, yes. But what about Ron? Based on his and Tammy 2’s horrified reaction to the news that Tammy 1 had set foot in his Pawnee workplace, we fear his luck may not be nearly as fortunate.

Clarkson is expected to appear in two episodes, beginning with Parks and Rec’s Sept. 22 season premiere.