Awkward Burning Questions: Will Jenna Choose Matty or Jake? Who Wrote the Letter?

High school is a confusing place, especially on MTV’s new teen comedy series Awkward. (Tuesdays, 11/10c). Matty likes Jenna, but he won’t go public with their relationship. Matty’s best friend, Jake, also likes Jenna, but he’s got a girlfriend. And Jenna is just trying to make it through high school unscathed, but that’s become impossible after her accident-misconstrued-as-a-suicide-attempt snafu. So to sort through the confusion, we went to creator Lauren Iungerich with our burning questions.

Why Jenna? Why now? | After years of being invisible, Jenna caught the eye of Matty, the most popular kid in school. But it took a trip to summer camp for something to finally happen. “I like to think they were counselors at [the] camp,” explains Iungerich. “He was away from his group of friends, and it enabled him to see a different girl and have a different kind of relationship.” So will we get flashbacks to that redefining experience? “I never thought about it,” admits Iungerich, who adds that the first season has already wrapped production. “I have an idea for a flashback in the second season.”

Will Jenna end up with Matty or Jake? | Don’t get too comfortable, Jenna/Matty – Jetty? – fans. The two may have kissed in last week’s episode, but Jenna’s love life is about to get a lot more complicated. Look for Matty to make a surprising declaration in this week’s episode. “I want to keep hitting you with great stuff, and then pull the rug out,” says Iungerich. “Really [portray] it how kids are – really fickle. They’re still figuring themselves out. It’s not all perfectly mapped out emotionally.” A map might actually be needed to chart the romantic feelings on Awkward. Sadie’s interest in Matty and Jake’s tense relationship with girlfriend, Lissa, will turn the “very complicated and fun love triangle” between Matty, Jenna and Jake into one very messy kerfuffle. Oh, and did we mention “maybe there’s a new guy” too?

Iungerich compares the love triangle to Felicity‘s Ben vs. Noel dilemma — “I tried to do my best to make you fall in love with both boys,” she says — but unlike the first season of that WB series, there will be a very clear victor by season’s end. “You will know who she ends up with at the end of Episode 12,” she promises. “It’s such a romantic episode. It’s also incredibly heart-wrenching for many reasons.”

Will Lissa give it up to keep Jake? | As Jake and Jenna grow closer, Lissa will pull out all the stops – and we mean all – just short of giving up her virginity to draw Jake back. Look for a pretty hilarious attempt at seduction in tonight’s episode. “He’s pulling away because he’s starting to feel like there’s something missing in their relationship,” says Iungerich. “And she’s seeing that missing piece as sex.” Unfortunately for Lissa, the problem is much deeper. “In reality, it might be the fact that she’s emotionally a little vapid,” continues Iungerich.

Who wrote the kick-in-the-behind letter to Jenna? | Don’t look for the mystery to be a huge a part of the show, but it will weave in and out. “In one of the episodes, something that’s written on the letter, somebody [relays] to [Jenna],” previews Iungerich. “That becomes an investigation.” Although “there are lots of suspects,” Iungerich promises that viewers will “find out who wrote it [by the end of the season].” One thing she won’t give up: Whether we’ve seen the culprit on screen already. “I can’t tell you that because that’s the fun of the mystery,” she says with a smile.

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