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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on CSI: NY, Good Wife, Castle, NCIS: LA, Falling Skies and More

Is a CSI: NY romance due for a shake-up? What does a new boss mean for Good Wife‘s Cary? Why did Castle almost not profess his love? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from some of TV’s hottest shows.

CSI: NY Exclusive: Smallville‘s Cassidy Freeman Cops Role in Premiere

CSI: NY | Let’s kick off this week’s column with a dip into the reader mailbag. Jess writes, “Now that CSI: NY‘s Danny is a Sergeant, are we going to see that aspect? And most importantly, are we going to see a lot of Danny/Lindsay?” For starters, yes, in the Sept. 23 season opener, we will see that Danny’s promotion meant he had to leave the lab and return to patrol, where he supervises uniformed officers in his precinct. And as for the Messers’ marriage, you will need to wait no longer than Episode 2 to witness how Danny’s new gig is affecting things ‘tween him and Lindsay.

Good Wife Exclusive: New SVU Star Kelli Giddish Will Be Back – For a Quickie?

The Good Wife | If you’re one of the Good Wife fans who, every time I report on any little something, beckon, “But what about Cary?,” rest assured the CBS drama’s creators share your love for Matt Czuchry and what he brings to the table. “Matt is someone who I thought just exploded the second year by putting him [in the State’s Attorney office],” says Robert King. “Cary was someone who was not played as villainous, but someone whose side of things you understood.” King promises that you will see even more of Cary’s textures now that Alicia’s kinda-husband Peter is displacing Childs: “We’ll see things more and more from Cary’s point of view.”

Castle @ Comic-Con: Season 4 Sneak Peek, Call for Ghostbusters, ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ Mystery

Castle | Imagine a Season 3 finale where, as Beckett lay freshly felled and bleeding, Castle says, no, not ‘I love you,” but… nothing. Well, that anticlimax almost happened. “There was a lot of thought about that, about whether to [have Rick] say it or not,” reveals exec producer Laurie Zaks. “The network and studio were like, ‘Does he have to say it?’ So we shot it both ways.” Fortunately, the romanticism of the profession ultimately won everyone over. “Once you saw [the scene], it was like, He has to say it,” Zaks says. Turning to the new season and other characters, Zaks confirmed there will be an episode that picks up the loose thread of the gun that Ryan lost during the 3XK serial killer arc. “That’s a very compelling episode,” she teases. “It’s going to be very good.”

Nathan Fillion Previews ‘Repercussions’ of Castle‘s Love Confession and Premiere’s Big Fight

Falling Skies | As you now have seen, Pope not only escaped from Clayton’s camp, but he also did the 2nd Mass a solid by helping them overthrow the ET sympathizer, thus saving several kiddies. What’s next for the swarthy scalawag, who’s now nursing a bullet wound back at the school? Previewing this Sunday’s episode – aka Season 1’s penultimate outing – Colin Cunningham told me, “As you know, Pope is a very good chef, so let’s just say that he’s very good with all kinds of ingredients — and there are some explosive ones he will be cooking with very soon!” Sounds like a potential recipe for disaster for them skitters.

Damages | If you’ve been fortunate enough to catch Damages Season 4 on DirecTV, thus far you’ve learned a bit about why Ellen’s pal Chris was so traumatized by the mission he led in Afghanistan on behalf of High Star. But to date, we have not been made privy to exactly what was so reprehensible about the engagement to begin with, why everyone keeps talking in circles about its atrocities. I asked the series creators if that bombshell, once figuratively dropped, will be sufficiently awful. “Both the reasons why they went on the mission and what happened on the mission are pretty ghastly, pretty egregious,” Daniel Zelman affirmed. “As we often do on this show, everyone has motivations for going along with it, and there are secrets people are keeping from each other as to why what happened, happened.” Adds cocreator Glenn Kessler, “When we see what really [transpired during the mission], it will reveal things about our characters we otherwise would not have known. ”

NCIS: LA Exclusive: LL Cool J, Music Play Key Role In ‘Powerful’ Season 3 Episode

Screened & Heard | I checked out this coming Monday’s episode of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles, and it’s an emotional one, with heavy hitters Annie Wersching (24) and Max Martini (The Unit) playing parents whose teen daughter has been abducted. It’s also a sufficiently twisty mystery, one that had me guessing wrong at least twice…. I checked into a recent tweet from actress Bridget Regan, and the Legend of the Seeker star is confirmed to guest-star on NCIS: LA early this season. Alas, there are no details yet on her role or air date. Stay tuned!

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