Doctor Who Spoiler Alert: Secret Babies, a Darker Doc and the Biggest Bad of All

After hitting nerd nirvana at Comic-Con, the stars and producers of BBC America’s Doctor Who took center stage at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday to dish about secret babies, traveling through time and… Hitler? Yes, the Doctor and his trusty companion, Amy, are taking on the biggest bad of all.

* Executive producer Steven Moffat issued this directive at the top of the session: Fans “cannot miss” the show’s return on Aug. 27. The episode, titled “Let’s Kill Hitler,” is one of star Matt Smith’s favorite hours. “It just rockets along,” raves the actor. It’s also the episode “where everything changes,” teases Moffat.

* Last season’s reveal that River Song is the daughter of Amy and Rory will continue to reverberate throughout the series – Amy begs the Doctor to find her in a sneak preview of the next month’s opener – and will lead to the unraveling of even more secrets. “You think you know the truth about River,” says Moffat. “You don’t know it yet. There’s loads more to come.” Adds Karen Gillan, who plays River Song’s mother: “It’s going to take some twists and turns. All of the relationships and the whole dynamic is going to change.” But the second half of the series will feature more than just big plot twists. It will explore “the emotional impact” of the reveal, says EP Piers Wenger, as well as the weirdness of just what the connection between Amy and River Song means. “They have to work out that Amy’s kissed the Doctor and so has her daughter,” says EP Beth Willis with a laugh. Talk about awkward!

* The weight of the world will finally catch up with the time-traveling Doc. “The dark side of a man who could have caused the end of the universe is considerable,” offers Moffat, adding that we’ll see the domestic and intergalactic consequences of that in the final six episodes of the season.

* Would Moffat ever consider taking Doctor Who abroad to America like his counterparts at Who‘s spinoff Torchwood? “It’s entirely about story,” he replied. “I don’t think in order to make Doctor Who successful in America you have to make stories set in America. … I’d like to do it. I don’t think it’s necessary. But absolutely, we like coming here.”

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