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Blue Bloods Scoop: Lie To Me's Monica Raymund Reports for Duty

Blue Bloods‘ Jamie Reagan (played by Will Estes) has copped himself a pretty new partner for Season 2 — and she’s being played by Lie to Me alum Monica Raymund.

TVLine has confirmed that Raymund will appear in multiple episodes of CBS’ multi-generational family/crime drama as Leah Sosa, an accomplished rookie police officer who gets assigned to Jamie when his previous partner, Renzulli (Nick Turturro), gets bumped up the ranks to fill in as platoon commander.

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How does Jamie take to his new partner in crimesolving? Rather well, you will see, as it is established that they knew each other back at the Academy.

On Fox’s three-season Lie to Me, Raymund played Ria Torres, a onetime TSA agent whom Tim Roth’s Cal recruited to join his team of human lie detectors.

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Blue Bloods kicks off its sophomore run on Friday, Sept. 23, at 10/9c.