Castle @ Comic-Con: Season 4 Sneak Peek, Call for Ghostbusters, 'Who's the Daddy?' Mystery

Castle fans on hand for the ABC hit’s San Diego Comic-Con panel were treated to — wait for it — the first scene from the Season 4 premiere (airing Sept. 19)! It featured a bleeding Beckett being wheeled into a hospital, clinging to life thanks to the help of her best friend, Lanie.

“I’m very overwhelmed by looking at that scene,” Tamala Jones, who plays Lanie, told the Comic-Con crowd after the screening. “It was very emotional the whole day because my friend’s dying and I’m trying to help save her. I had to stay in the mindset of death all day long.” That said, she promises that the outcome “is really going to be more epic than the season finale” itself. OK, we are so there.

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Other snippets of scoop from the panel discussion, which also includes on its dais cast members Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas (aka Esposito), Seamus Dever (Ryan) and Molly Quinn (Alexis):

Who You Gonna Call? | A big, awesome, geektastic Halloween episode of Castle in the works, and it’s going to be Ghostbusters-themed! “It’ll be really cool,” Quinn — who dressed for the day as Firefly‘s Mal! — previewed. “The only thing I can imagine for this episode is that it’s gotta have an elusive killer, someone that vanishes and then reappears.”

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Look, Up in the Sky…. | “There’s going to be an episode coming up with a bit of a superhero theme,” Fillion revealed. Scheduled for Episode 2 of the fourth season, it involves a masked vigilante and a comic-book store crime. (Pretty cool news to come out at Comic-Con, of all places.)

Best of the Best (Men) | Dever says that hopefully Kevin and Jenny “will be heading toward some matrimony.” As such, expect lots of wedding planning, a bachelor party, and “fighting for the best man spot” between Castle and Esposito.

Big Girl’s Don’t Cry | What’s in store for young yet maturing Alexis in Season 4? “She’s going to be voicing a lot of her opinions,” Quinn said. “Now that her dad is actually enjoying chasing down killers… I don’t know if Alexis is too happy about that.” The starlet also teased that Castle’s little girl will be applying to Stanford and juggling a serious relationship with a new beau.

Will a Firefly Reunion Fly? | “I’m always bucking for it,” Fillion said when asked if any of his former sci-fi fam will ever appear on Castle. “I’m always trying. But I want something juicy and amazing for them.” Fillion did wrap up his sentiment by saying, “Soon. Soon,” so take that for what’s it’s worth.

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X Marks the Spot | Castle superfans may want to go back and watch last season’s X-Files-themed ep, as Fillion noted there is “a big or small ‘X’ in every scene “

Book Report! | Get those Kindles ready: Heat Rises aka the next Nikki Heat novel is coming out this October.

Heavenly Fathers | With rumors buzzing that we’re finally meet Castle’s long-lost pop this season, the cast shared their perfect picks. Huertas suggested White Shadow‘s Ken Howard and Jones went with Christopher Walken, while Quinn said, “Susan Sullivan recently said to me, ‘What if I turned out to be Castle’s dad?”

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