Zachary Levi Shares His 'Profound' Reaction to Chuck's Ending, Promises Much Heart in Finale

As funny as NBC’s Chuck can be, you might want to fetch a singular Kleenex before cuing up our Comic-Con video Q&A with series lead Zachary Levi.

Yes, as always, Levi has great, teasing fun with us — parsing out scoops like top-secret CIA intel — but there’s also a part where he reflects on the “profound, somber” moment when Chuck‘s “numbered days” status really hit him.

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That poignant memory is offset by a hilar moment just prior, when Levi shares a sneak peek at Agent Bartowski’s valiant death scene. A hypothetical fate, surely.

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So, if not (we hope) a hero’s death for Chuck, what will the final run of 13 episodes bring? “A lot of heart,” its star promises. But enough from us — press play, now.

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